Pizza box

Pizza box

This product is available in different variations :

  • 24x24x4 cm

    Brown kraft pizza box + window 24x24x4 – 4 packs of 50

  • 26x26x3 cm

    Pizza boxes 26x26x3.5 packs of 100 boxes

  • 29x29x3,5 cm

    Pizza boxes 29x29x3.5 packs of 100 boxes

  • 31x31x3,5 cm

    Pizza boxes 31x31x3.5 packs of 100 boxes

  • 33x33x3,5 cm

    Pizza boxes 33x33x3.5 pack of 100 boxes


24x24x4 cm, 26x26x3 cm, 29x29x3,5 cm, 31x31x3,5 cm, 33x33x3,5 cm

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