Your Personalized Products

Ardex customizes your products

We have a 4000 m² logistics platform in the Paris region. This allows us to offer you more than 500 standard references, in stock.

But above all, we want to adapt to your needs. All of our products are therefore customizable:

  • Personalisation of the print: Printing with your name or that of your customers, from 1 to 6 colours depending on the range.
  • Customization of packaging: packaging adapted to your constraints (cardboard, shrink film, smoothing, etc.).
  • Customization of logistics: labeling, specific palletization, etc.

In addition, we specialize in the development of specific products for our customers, especially industrial ones:

  • Bag with specific dimensions
  • Cardboard packaging that meets specific constraints (deep-freezing, reheating, lidding, etc.)
  • Improvement of the ecological footprint of packaging: use of more recycled materials, development of single-material packaging, etc.

All new projects interest us, do not hesitate to send us your specifications and constraints so that we can study them together!